Bushcraft – June 2008

Its been a really long time, longer than we care to mention but were back. Bushcraft is one of our favorite hobbies and we have all missed it, being out in the forest and building a shelter or just sitting around the fire. The last time we were here was a few months ago, that was only for a walk to see how the place was and to give it a tidy up.

Sadly, on our arrival we found the place to be in a bit of a mess. Some other group had been there in the recent weeks and left an a lot of litter, Generally making the place untidy. So we spent our first 45mins or so clearing up all the glass and returning it to normal as best we could, Its always best to start with a blank canvas it seems.

When Jay arrived we put up the tarps and got a fire going and made use of the dead wood that the last group had cast about the place. We cooked some food on the fire and the chatted till the early hours.
The joys of Bushcraft … We will be back very soon.

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