Peak District – GeoChocing – The Kinder Surprise :-)


The Geochocing container has been found for a second time, the most recent finder is going to move it along for us and restock its contents.


The container was found by Tom Barnes & his K9 companion on the 24th of March

Original Blog Post

I posted a picture on twitter a few days ago of all the leftover chocolate we have from christmas. A few of my followers recommended I should give them away and that they would send me their address. I decided I could go one better. Those of you who are familiar with Geocaching will probably like my new game Geochocing. if you are unsure about what Geocaching is then have a quick read of my blog post entitled “Geocaching” in the archive section 🙂

Anyway, I decided to hide a container full of Chocolate which you can see pictured below. The coordinates for said container are as follows 53.397130, -1.879470. the ordnance survey grid reference is SK 08112 88929.

The coords should be all you need if you wish to go off and reap the rewards. I will however give you an extra image as a hint to the exact location of the goods.

Hopefully it wont be long until it is discovered as I’m going to be spreading the word via twitter. If you do plan to go and have a look, all I ask is that you remove the container so we aren’t littering and possibly send me an image of your triumph :-). Maybe you could place it somewhere else and it could become a little game for us outdoor lovers. I plan to pass that way again soon so can remove it if the National Park Authority or others object.

P.S.. I love my iPhone 4S. This entire post was produced using my phone. The HD video and images were shot with it, I edited the footage using the iMovie app and uploaded it to YouTube. I then wrote the post using the voice recognition and published it all using the WordPress app. Excellent 🙂

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