Karrimor Elite Alpiniste eVent Jacket – Review

I’ve been using the new Karrimor Elite Alpiniste eVent Jacket for a few months now and I must say I’ve been very impressed. Its great value for money and can currently be picked up for around £89 from many good stockists including http://www.fieldandtrek.com. As I’m so pleased with it I thought I would write up a little review to give you my thoughts, I’m not a gear junkie or a technical know it all, I just love walking and appreciate good kit that keeps me going for longer. Hopefully the following review will be useful if you are thinking about buying one.

Firstly i’ll start with the facts. here is what Karrimor have to say…

The Karrimor Alpiniste Jacket is built for the most demanding conditions, featuring eVent waterproof fabric for the ultimate in waterproof protection with unrivaled breathability for maximum comfort as you face the elements. This mens waterproof jacket is a summer Alpine style with a relaxed athletic cut featuring a roll-away helmet compatible hood with a wire stiffened peak, has 2 venting chest / torso pockets and a secure chest pocket all with YKK water resistant zips.

Karrimor eVent Jacket
Karrimor Elite Alpiniste eVent Jacket – Image Copyright Terry Abraham

As I said earlier, I’ve been using the jacket for the last few months now and in that time I’ve given it a thorough testing. Most of my walking time is spent in the Peak District, I’m pleased to say it has stood up to everything I’ve thrown at it. I’ve submitted it to torrential rains, scrambling on Gritstone Edges, squeezing through dense woodland and a battering while walking across wet and windy moorland. In the last few days I’ve been wild camping in Snowdonia and the weather was terrible. My waterproof trousers by another brand didn’t stand up to the onslaught but the Karrimor Elite Alpiniste eVent Jacket kept me nice and dry inside. Most importantly it kept the Welsh rain away from my precious iPhone while it was in the breast pocket.

Here is a video review that I made earlier today while out walking in a thunderstorm, it was wet, it was wild and the jacket kept me cool and dry.

I’m very impressed with the features of the jacket too.. This is my first eVent jacket having stuck to Goretex in the past, the fabric seems to wick away moisture swiftly, I have also noticed I don’t get as warm as when I wear my other jackets. The cuffs are nicely cut, the YKK water resistant zips feel tough, the mesh venting pockets do their job nicely, The wire peaked hood is a nice shape and it adjusts nicely with the drawstrings located at the back of the head.

Karrimor Elite Alpiniste eVent Jacket
Karrimor Elite Alpiniste eVent Jacket

I have numerous other jackets from other brands but this one just seems to fit well in all the right places. The build quality of the jacket is very good indeed, it feels tough and it can withstand those scuffs and rubs while out exploring the wilds near where I live. I don’t feel worried about it ripping and tearing like I do with my other jackets.

You can see me wearing this jacket in this video produced by Terry Abraham for Karrimor

Final Thoughts. As I said at the beginning of the post i’m very happy with the Jacket so far, I have really abused it over the last few months and it has stood up to it all. This great fitting piece of kit is being marketed at a very impressive price and it is currently spearheading Karrimor’s return to producing technical clothing. I honestly think you would be hard pushed to find a better jacket out there for the price you can pick this up for. Karrimor are aiming to compete with other manufacturers offering high spec eVent kit and this is a very good start indeed. I for one will be keeping my fingers crossed that they produce a set of eVent waterproof trousers to go with this jacket. So… A great fitting, feature packed, eVent lined jacket for a mere £89? Buy one now before they run out 🙂

Thanks for reading, listening and viewing. I hope this review was of some assistance.

13 thoughts on “Karrimor Elite Alpiniste eVent Jacket – Review

  1. Hi Dean, love the site, considering buying the mark 2 version of this Jacket. just wondering, how did your hold out? has it stood the test of time? many thanks


  2. Hi, great review. Do you think this is the same jacket…? Only it doesn’t mention eVent…



    1. Hi Andy, that jacket is a soft shell version and the one I have is a hard shell with an event layer. The jacket in the link looks ok but I don’t think it’s water resistance and breathability will be as good as the one in my review. Dean


  3. I ordered one at Sportsdirect but unfortunately they shipped a secondhand one with a ripped seam. New Karrimor eVent Jackets were announced last week however. I think I’ll return the faulty one and hope the new ones are just as good.


  4. Can you please comment about sizing, i.e. what’s your H/W and size of the jacket? Thanks


  5. I Bought a Montane Superfly XT about two years ago, again eVent, I was so disappointed, I could see where the fabric had worn away, the jacket has furred up from its own Velcro…So I needed a new jacket, this was the review that gave me the strength to try eVent one more time! Well the Karrimor has turned up and the difference between the Montane and the Karrimor is stunning straight away. The Karrimor feels so much more durable than the Montane, and quality wise a lot lot better. I’m looking forward to not getting wet now. Thanks for the review.

    I also got myself a new Panther 65 litre Rucksack as my old 55 litre version was around ten years old and still going strong, just someone liked the look of my old one, so I let them have it 🙂 The new version seems to be of same quality except that the webbing is slightly smaller and of course the buckles are smaller as well. But we shall see how it fairs with all my camera equipment loaded in to it with the bivy and the rest of the kit 🙂
    Again, thanks for the review.



    1. Hi Ian,

      thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. nice to hear you are happy with the Karrimor Jacket. I’m pleased that my review was useful 🙂 I used my jacket in Wales last week at the WRC rally and gave it a really hammering, still no signs of leakage or wear. so i’m still thumbs up all round for Karrimor 🙂

      Thanks again for commenting.



  6. Marc Stupples July 1, 2012 — 4:01 pm

    I have pair of Cornice boots from Karrimor that are around 8-9 years old when theirs boots were good. I wouldn’t have touched any since as I think the quality and design slipped drastically. This jacket however definately deserves a look and for that money I might push the boat out and pick one up. What’s the sizing like?


    1. Mine is a medium and it fits perfectly in all the right places, it is nicely cut around the sleeves and just the right length at the back too. It fits nice around the neck when zipped right up, brings the hood over your head nicely when the zip is at the top.
      I honestly can’t fault it at all 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.


    2. The Karrimor Skye X-Lite eVent boots that I’ve got feel pretty good so far. I’ll give them some proper hammer over the next few months and then write a review 🙂


  7. Another interesting read! I have steered well clear of Karrimor kit in the past, unless I knew it was the good stuff made before they were taken over by that Newcastle Nugget, and the stuff went downhill in a big way.

    I doubt I would have even considered this jacket, eVent or not, unless I ha read a few articles such as this praising it highly, so its a bot of a revelation. Think I may take a trip to Chester soon and have a look at one…. I have a Rab Drillium which I love but is just that bit too big. I’ll be very interested to see how this fares against it, considering its half the price and then some!


    1. I’d be interesting in finding out what you think when its up against your Rab jacket. Hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised, its certainly worth it for the money!

      Karrimor seem to be having a bit of a return to former glory at the the moment, i’m lead to believe they have a new design team that are attempting to push the brand back where it should be. This jacket is a good start.

      I’ve also been testing out some boots and a couple of bags too, they are very impressive. I don’t think Karrimor ever slipped when it comes to bags though 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my blog, much appreciated.


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