The Pennine Way – April 2013

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my friend Chris (@PilgrimChris) and I would be walking the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland. It is a stunning route starting in Fort William which weaves its way up to the most north western tip of Scotland at the Cape itself. As things often do in life, plans change, new ideas form and opportunities present themselves. So I’m writing this post to say that this coming April, Chris and I will be tackling the Pennine Way. Many reasons have promoted us to decide to postpone the CWT adventure and hopefully I’ll be able to share more very soon.


The Pennine Way is a route that I always knew that I would like to do, I’ve walked sections of it in the past and thought that it would be great to tackle it in its entirety. The route meanders 268 miles from Edale in the Peak District, via the Yorkshire Dales, Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland and then finishes at Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders. Obviously I’m a sucker for the Peak District, the Dark Peak has become a firm favourite for my walks and it will be great to set off from a familiar place. Another one of the reasons why I thought I’d love to do the PW is due to my recent holiday in Edinburgh, we drove up past Hadrian’s Wall and through Northumberland. It looks like a stunning area I can’t wait to walk there and to learn more along the way.


Chris and I are keen advocates of and the journey along the Pennine Way will be a very social event. It would be great if people would like to meet up along the way to walk with us, you could even join us for a wild camp if you so wish. If you can’t spare the time or don’t fancy a walk then why not just meet us to say hello.

We will be Sharing Our Adventure in many ways, via this Blog, on, twitter, Google+, AudioBoo and YouTube. We hope to make this journey as media rich as possible and look forward to taking you along with us in spirit or even in person. More info will be coming very soon about where we will be at particular times, so if you fancy meeting up for a walk, a chat or a drink then give us a shout 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Pennine Way – April 2013

  1. The PW is a grand walk. You’ll be thankful thy laid as many slabs as they did by the end of it, although there are some sections that are still, shall we say, challenging? 🙂 Enjoy!


    1. Thanks Alan, I always knew it was something I needed to do. Every time I would go walking from Edale those sign posts leading to Scotland would taunt me 🙂 Still hoping to do the CWT at some point in the future, I would also love to tackle the TGOC too but thought I better get some longer walks under my belt first.

      I was pleased when I spotted the news about the new path (

      We’ve had lots of those laid in the Peak District lately too. Makes walking across bog a lot easier and aids conservation.

      I remember reading your epic Lejog posts a while back, it was one of the many things that made me realise I had to get out for a longer walk. Reading Chris Townsend and Keith Foskett’s adventures also gave me the push, although the Pennine Way is a day walk compared to what you guys have done 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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