The Pennine Way – Route Plan

Some may have spotted my announcement that in April I will be undertaking a journey along the Pennine Way, I also mentioned that my friend Chris and I are hoping it will turn in to a very social event. I wrote a quick note in my previous post giving an open invitation to anyone who wishes to join us, In order to let people know where we will be I promised a rough itinerary. The very rough route plan is as follows….


10th Meet up at Edale in the evening, Wild Camp on Kinder Scout or possible camp at the Field Head Campsite depending on how enticing the ale becomes at the Old Nags Head 🙂

11th. Edale to Crowden 16m
12th. Crowden to Whitehouse Pub.18m
13th. Whitehouse to Withens 19m.
14th. Withen to Malham 26m.
15th. Malham to Horton 15m.
16th. Horton to Hawes 16m.
17th. Hawes to Tan Hill.17m.
18th. Tan Hill to Middleton.18m
19th. Middlton to Dufton 21m.
20th. Dufton to Alston 20m.
21st. Alston to Greenhead 22m.
22nd. Greenhead to Bellingham 23m.
23rd. Bellingham to Bryness 16m.
24th. Bryness to Kirk Yethom 29 miles.

As I say it is a very rough plan as no doubt it will get tweaked a little on route depending on weather 🙂 Our plan is to wild camp our way north so naturally we will end up either side of particular points in order to stay away from buildings etc.


A handful of people have already expressed an interest in joining us for particular days or nights, please feel free to contact either myself or Chris if you would like to meet up, we would love to have as many people as possible join us along the route… Walks, Wild Camps, Drinks or Dinner, you choose 🙂

In order to get in touch you could leave a comment here.. Or contact either Chris or myself on twitter. Alternatively you could head over to any of the following following sites,,, and a site specifically created for our journey All of the aforementioned sites will be receiving updates along the way so check back soon for more.

2 thoughts on “The Pennine Way – Route Plan

  1. That’s quite a tough schedule you’re setting yourselves.
    Good luck!


    1. Thanks Alan. We have around 4 days spare at the end so can tweak if need be, hopefully the weather gods will be kind to us but I’m not holding my breath 🙂


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