The Pennine Way – Day 2 – Crowden to The White House Inn

We had picked an excellent spot to wild camp last night, sheltered from the wind and really level ground. I slept really well and felt fully refreshed when I awoke. We were on our way by 08:15 and the first port of call today was Black Hill. We walked through deep snow drifts, crossed icy cold rivers and all under a blanket of mist.

The summit of Black Hill was reached in good time, we didn’t linger for long as there really wasn’t much to see today other than cloud and bog.

We crossed Dean Clough, climbed up to the road and then walked down Wessenden Moor. We stopped for a quick brew break before the sharp climb up Blakely Clough.

We passed Black Moss Reservoir, then all of a sudden we had reached the edge of the Peak District. We didn’t shed a tear as at that moment the sun pierced through the clouds and lit the path ahead. We crossed the road and the begun the walk up on to Stand Edge.

This is all new territory for me now, it felt good to be treading fresh ground and also not to have any knowledge of the coming terrain 🙂

Stand Edge was disposed of quickly, as was White Hill and before we knew it we were crossing the bridge over the M62.

Black Stone Edge was to be the last climb of the day and it begin to rain as we crossed it and made our way down to the White House Pub.

The pub wasn’t open when we arrived but we utilised the porch at the front to shelter from the rain. We waited around 30 minutes until the the doors were open and we sank a pint to toast a great days walking. We charged out electronics, drank, ate and talked with many folks who were interested in what we were doing. There seems to be a lot of interest in people who are walking the Pennine Way here. One gent in particular was really nice, he bought Chris and I some food and told us stories of his past adventures.

After a few hours in the pub we made our way to the other side of Black Stone Edge Reservoir and pitched the tents. We have found a nice level pitch and I’m lay in my sleeping bag now writing this post.. 2 days down… 12 or so more to go 🙂

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