The Pennine Way – 7 Days from Edale to Thwaite – April 2013

This is an HD video of my Pennine Way adventure in April 2013, we walked for 7 Days from Edale to Thwaite and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I uploaded a lot of this footage in daily updates but this is the full HD version. Thank you to everyone who followed at the time and I hope to venture back again soon to tick of the northern half of this great trail. In the next few weeks I will be updating the existing Pennine Way posts with images from my DSLR. I will also be doing a summary video blog to share my thoughts about the journey and what lessons I have learned 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Pennine Way – 7 Days from Edale to Thwaite – April 2013

  1. Its a gripper that walk into Keld off Great Shunner Fell isn’t it? I did the whole thing last year, nice video.

    1 Edale to Crowden campsite
    2 Crowden to the (Carriage House campsite)
    3 Carriage House to Mankinholes YH
    4 Mankinholes to Cowling wild camp
    5 Cowling to Malham YH
    6 Malham to Horton wild camp
    7 Horton to Keld (Rukins campsite)
    8 Keld to Middleton in Teesdale (Dale View campsite)
    9 Middleton in Teesdale to Langdon Beck YH
    10 Langdon Beck to Gregs Hut bothy
    11 Gregs Hut to Knarsdale Wild camp
    12 Knarsdale to Once Brewed YH
    13 Once Brewed to Bellingham (Demesne farm campsite)
    14 Bellingham to Byreness wild camp
    15 Byreness to Kirk Yetholm (Donkey sanctuary hostel)

    I contacted the youth hostels and arranged to collect food parcels on arrival spend the night and clean my kit I could’ve used Dufton YH instead of Langdon Beck YH but its such a beautiful location I’m glad I chose the latter and it was a short day so lots of rest. Longest day was the last roughly 27 mile but their are a couple of huts at 9 mile & 18 mile.


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