Wild Country – Zephyros 1 vs Zephyros 1 Lite – Tent Review

This video is a quick review of the Wild Country – Zephyros 1 Lite which is made by Terra Nova in the UK. I compare it with my trusty standard Zephyros and highlight some of the changes that have been made to make the Lite Lighter 🙂 My friend Ray and I wild camped up at Grindslow Knoll on Kinder Scout and enjoyed a great evening. If you would like to find out more about either of these tents you can head over to http://www.Terra-Nova.co.uk

5 thoughts on “Wild Country – Zephyros 1 vs Zephyros 1 Lite – Tent Review

  1. dean i want to walk the lairig ghru the summer of2016 .which of thezephyros do you recomend the zephyros 2 or the zephyros lite.bothfe myself and my wife plan to walk the route over several days .

    kind regard tom


    1. Both tents are really good, if you want something with a bit less weight and don’t mind paying the extra money then the Lite is worth the investment. If you don’t mind carrying a little bit more then the standard Zephyros is perfect as there isn’t much difference between them build wise. I hope you have a great trip, that is definitely a route I would like to do myself


  2. Great review: had my eye on this beaut for a few months now. Thanks for the vid!


    1. Thanks for watching and commenting. The Zephyros is a great tent, I can’t recommend it enough 🙂


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