Peak District – Limestone Way – Matlock to Castleton

Ever since my journey along the southern half of the Pennine Way (The Pennine Way – 7 Days from Edale to Thwaite – April 2013) I’ve been trying to get out wild camping as much as possible. I love the freedom of being able to pitch anywhere (with in reason) and enjoy my surroundings. I have been out on numerous trips since the Pennine Way but nothing with much mileage, I’ve just been heading out from home on my bike or parking my car in the Peak District. I’ve had a #MicroAdventure, I’ve spent a few nights on Kinder Scout and I also reviewed the Wild Country Zephyros 1 and Zephyros 1 Lite in the process. I’ve thoroughly got the wild camping bug again so yesterday I decided to head out and walk the Limestone Way from Matlock to Castleton.

The Limestone Way is a footpath that runs through the White Peak in the Peak District, It’s northern terminus is at Castleton in Derbyshire and it’s southern end is in Rocester over in Staffordshire. I decided at lunch time yesterday that I would head to Matlock, park my car and then walk the northern section to Castleton with a wild camp along the way. It was all pretty last minute but thankfully I always have a bag partially packed for such occasions 🙂 I grabbed my trusty Karrimor Alpiniste Rucksack, chucked a few bits of food inside and then jumped in my car. Matlock is only 5 minutes away from where I live so it wasn’t long at all until I was walking up the hill towards Bonsall.

7 thoughts on “Peak District – Limestone Way – Matlock to Castleton

  1. great video mate, i’m doing the whole route on monday from rocester, i have a map but i am just curious is it pretty straight forward? keep up the work!


  2. Hia, if i’m 16 years old, do you reckon I could do the the limestone way on my own? Also what are they like up there with wild camping, are they a bit touchy or don’t really mind? Lastly, whats the terrain like, ok for sleeping in a bivi bag?


    1. Hi Mac, I bet you’ll be able to do it no worries. Wild Camping is ok in Peak District of you stay hidden from view and pitch late. I didn’t pitch until about 22:30 and was gone by 06:00. There are plenty of places you could camp that are out of view, also lots of great spots to bivvy that should comfortable


  3. Nice little tent them zephyros1,was in two minds myself ,but went for the laser comp at the finish.


    1. It’s a great little tent, perfect for the money. I would have gone for the Laser Comp if I’d had more money spare at the time. Was looking at them yesterday infact 🙂


  4. Nice trip report there dean,one for me to do in the near future


    1. I’m hoping to do the section from Matlock to Rocester next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather as I’ll be taking my daughter, don’t want to put her off forever if its bad 🙂


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