Peak District – Wild Camping – Bamford Edge

My friend Ray and I decided to head out for a last minute camp when we noticed the weather was due to be favourable. We grabbed our army issue bivvy bags, picked up a few beers and headed out to enjoy what was to be one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen. The location for the wild camp this time was Bamford Edge in the Peak District. The music used in this movie is an unnamed creation that I made a few years ago with Propellerheads Reason.. I’m a big fan of Enigma so the track was made in a chilled out Enigma style.











2 thoughts on “Peak District – Wild Camping – Bamford Edge

  1. Some good trip reports again there Dean,keep up the good work.You can’t beat a bivvy now and then with a couple of beers!!!


    1. Thanks Ian, Bamford Edge is a great spot. Been wanting to camp up there for a while now so we seized the opportunity. Your right, you can’t beat a bivvy with beers 🙂 thanks for watching and taking the time to comment, it’s much appreciated.


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