Peak District – MTB & GoPro – Ladybower Loop

In this video my mate Andy and I head out on the bikes around Ladybower. We set off from Fairholmes and headed north along Ladybower, Derwent and Howden dams to Slippery Stones and the back down the eastern side to the Ashopton Viaduct. We then proceeded along the southern side of Ladybower before crossing the Snake Road. We then headed up hill to enjoy an awesome spot of downhill back to Fairholmes. Keep your eyes pealed at 15mins 15seconds 🙂 At the end of the video I have included a quick Drum N Bass remix that I made using Logic. Enjoy

Sadly I didn’t take many images today as my phone was locked away in my bag to stay dry. It rained for quite a while during the day as you can see from the video. I only took one image as we were walking up past Hag Farm pushing the bikes :-).


It was a great day out an I really enjoyed riding some great sections of Downhill on my bike. I’m complete newbie when it comes to proper downhill but I’ve got the bug now. After we had finished riding we headed to our usual haunt down in Hope… The Woodbine Cafe




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