London Weekend – Morrissey at the O2 Arena

This weekend my partner and I went to London to see Morrissey at the O2 Arena and I thought I’d record a vlog of the proceedings. We set off from home and made our way down to London via Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios in Chiswick. We had booked to stay for a night at the Hilton at Canary Wharf, needless to say it was a little more plush than my preferred night on the forest floor or under canvas. From Canary Wharf we jumped on the Underground and went for pre gig food in China Town before heading to the O2 Arena.

It was the first time I’d been to the O2 and Morrissey put on a great show, he played some classic Smiths tracks along with his solo work. His latest album “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” has been received well by the music press and I rate it as one of my favourite post Smiths records. Sadly due to a dispute with the record label it was pulled from the shelves not long after release, during the show all the other members of his band were wearing t-shirts with the words “Fuck Harvest Records”.

Morrissey was on top form and gave a haunting rendition of “Asleep” after saying “Remember Me, Forget My Fate”, which obviously made me think about recent news that he is suffering from a form of cancer. He also mentioned that he took great pleasure from hearing that more than 70% of chickens being sold in the UK are contaminated with the Campylobacter bug, He then went on to play “Meat Is Murder” while the screens behind the band showed footage of animals being inhumanly slaughtered. The final track of the night was “Everyday is like sunday”, during which dozens of fans attempted to jump the barrier and storm past security to lay a hand on the man himself 🙂 That was my first Morrissey Live experience but I must admit I’d seen in past concert footage that fans did that. All in all it was an excellent night and I was so glad we managed to get tickets, He was only playing 1 night in England before heading to Dublin so who knows when or if he will return again.

The following day we headed to the Imperial War Museum, a place I’d been wanting to visit for a long while. That’s the only problem when visiting London for just a weekend, there are so many great museums that you could easily spend a week just visiting them. At the IWM we spent 3 to 4 hours just in the First World War Exhibit which I was very impressed by, impressed by the detail and story telling but obviously shocked by the tales themselves.

After the Imperial War Museum we headed for Westminster, the Cenotaph at Whitehall and then to Trafalgar square before heading back to pick up the car from Canary Wharf. It was a very brief visit but I’m sure we will return again soon. I feel at home in the countryside but I don’t mind visiting a city every now and then.

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