2014 Highlights – Friendship & Memories

What a year 2014 has been, it seems to have gone so quickly but i’ve managed to fit in lots of great experiences. Enjoying the great outdoors with friends, holidaying with family and fulfilling some dreams. From the Peak District to the Lake District, the Cairngorms to Dartmoor. Horse Riding to Hiking, it’s been an action packed year. I really struggled to create this video as I’ve documented so many great memories over the last 12 months, This video contains a snapshot of those moments that will live with me for a lifetime.

To accompany the video above I’m going to select a few blog posts on the site that feature in the footage. As you can imagine it’s hard to narrow it down as I feel I’ve had so many great experiences over the last year, some of which I haven’t written up yet (Hadrian’s Wall).

My 2 favourite wild camps.
Lincolnshire Beach Bivvy at Saltfleet.
Bivvy Camp at Fin Cop above Monsal Dale in the Peak District

My 2 favourite family posts.
Mountain Biking in the Cairngorms
Wild Camp with my daughter on Kinder Scout.

2 x Army Issue Goretex Bivvy Bags and an Issue Tarp
2 x Army Issue Goretex Bivvy Bags and an Issue Tarp

I really appreciate the support my readers, viewers and listeners have shown me over this last year. I’ll leave you with those few posts to have a look at but more importantly, with wishes of a happy new year to you and to all your family and friends.

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3 thoughts on “2014 Highlights – Friendship & Memories

  1. Dean

    I’ve only discovered your blog in 2014.

    Very much enjoyed it. Will be cycling some Peak routes in 2015.



    1. Thanks for commenting Matt, all the best for 2015 🙂


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