A Decade Of Adventures – Bushcraft Bivvy Night – October 2006

I’ve been writing blog posts on DeanRead.net for over 10 years now, I used to have the DeanRead.com domain but I let it slip out of my grasp… long story 🙂 I started making a website to keep my friends and family updated on my adventures but it has since become a place where I can look back with fond memories. I’ll be the first to admit that since my focus has moved to YouTube my website has taken a back seat, every now and then I’ll catch up with my updates and also take a look back at things I’ve done in the past. It came to my attention this morning that it has been 10 years to the day since I first wrote a post about our Bushcraft trips, or what I now call Forest Wild Camping. All the old post are contained within the archives on an old version of the site but are still online for all to see. As this trip was particularly special to us I thought I’d bring it over to the current site, update it with some more images but leave the words as they were… Here is that post and here is too the mext 10 years of adventures 🙂

I’ve just arrived home from a great night up in the forest. We set off from Jay’s house at around 14:30 yesterday, all of us travelling light in comparison to previous trips. My new Berghaus C7 rucksack was an easy 11 kilograms. Thats my aim from now on, travel as light as possible with only the essentials for 24hrs away. The only extravagence we had on this trip was Jay’s radio.

It took us approximetly 2 hours to walk to the top secret Bushcraft location, which is a lovely forest upon a hill with great views from its perimeter. The forest comprises mainly of pine trees and low lying ferns etc. The spot we chose was fairly dense, there was no danger of getting much wind passing through which could make us cold or make fire lighting a drama. Plenty of firewood is readily available in the area, although we did use our axe to harvest some more substantial pieces.

Firstly we set up our shelter, as there was 5 of us we used 3 tarps. Then we got our fire going using tinder and a fire steal. We cooked our meals then had a good old knees up around the camp fire.

During the night we did get some rain but the shelter kept us dry, I was awake early and got the fire going again for breakfast. After all the cooking had finished we let the fire burn out. We used some remaining water to kill the embers on the fire, then we begun the process of making the site look like no one had ever set foot there.

A great time was had by all. We got chance to brush up on old skills and learn some new ones. I can’t wait till the next outing !!

As an added bonus here is a video we recorded in November 2006 and it has been live on Jay’s channel ever since. It was recorded on my old Nokia N70 and it features me doing a bit of a run down of the kit that we were taking with us back then. Some of that same kit is still coming along wih us now and its only recently that I’ve retired that trusty old Army Issue Goretex Bivvy Bag.

If you would like to watch more of our videos then you can do so by heading to our YouTube channels.

Subscribe to my channel – http://bit.ly/YouTubeDeanRead

Subscribe to Jay’s channel – http://bit.ly/YouTubeGoonieBushcraft


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