Snowdonia Trip – May 2006

In the last few weeks I’ve been attempting to spring clean some of my back up hard drives, as is usual I ended up getting side tracked and having a walk down memory lane. I’ve got lots of footage from old trips that hasn’t made it on to YouTube yet, from back in those days when we were just filming the adventures for our own enjoyment/consumption. I’m conscious that if I were to lose any of the back ups then those memories could be gone forever so, it’s about time I uploaded a particular trip to YouTube.

In this video from back in May 2006 my friends Jay (GoonieBushcraft), Keith and I head to Wales to climb Snowdon. It was one of our first camping and hiking trips so it holds great memories. The footage was filmed with a Logitech Webcam and an old Canon Powershot, back in the days before I could record in HD. I wrote a blog post the following day so I’ve decided to include that below so you don’t have to head over to the archives, I’ve also added some extra images with captions but kept the words the same…. enjoy 🙂

Logitech Webcam used in car
Logitech Webcam used in car
Jay at the Tyisaf Campsite in Nant Peris with my cheap eBay tent that only lasted 2 trips 🙂

We awoke this morning nice and early on the campsite at Nant Peris. We had arrived late yesterday afternoon after doing the hour drive to Llanberis. We’d also stocked up on food at the Spar in town ready for today.

After preparing our kit and packing the tent away we got in the car and drove up to Pen Ye Pass. Word of warning, if you don’t get there super early you have no chance of parking. Sadly, we didn’t heed that warning enough and were out of luck too. We drove back down the road and parked in a lay-bye, then walked the mile or so back up to the car park at the pass.

We began steadily and made really good time as the path is very easy for the first few miles. The only bit that is worth taking your time with is the final zigzags up on to the ridge of Snowdon itself. Even with that it is still a very easy walk and quickly achievable.

We only spent a short time at the summit as it was extremely crowded and windy as hell. The major down side of the railway being there is the crowds in my opinion. The views were really nice but it was a push and a shove to take a picture at the cairn.

We made it back down in record time as we ran pretty much all the way to the bottom. All in all we enjoyed the day, I would say it is the easiest by far of all the three highest peaks of England, Scotland and Wales. It’s worth a go though but there are more dramatic and less crowded peaks in Snowdonia 🙂

Since writing this entry they have demolished the station to make way for a new one. I thought I’d put an image up of what it was like when we went, that way we can compare in the future when the new one opens


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