Snozone Castleford – Skiing Lessons 1 & 2

In this video we head to Snozone in Castleford for some introductory skiing lessons, it was our first visit so we tackled sessions 1 & 2. Lisa and I have always wanted to learn to ski, she’d been mentioning it to me for years so I finally took the hint and booked it for her birthday. The first couple of lessons in the 5 stage series teach you the basics of balance, turning and stopping on the small slope. As you progress you move to the larger slope and should be fully proficient by the end of it all. The goal is to have a skill level which will enable us to head back to La Plagne in The French Alps where we holidayed back in 2016. We’d spent a week there during the summer holidays walking, cycling and sight seeing.

Our friend Ray joined us and we arrived there early for the first set of lessons of the day, the combined 1 & 2 was 3 hours long and cost £89.99. You can get it much cheaper during the week but we had to attend at the weekend to fit around our days off work. Once proficient you can get an hours ski pass for around £17.99 (even cheaper for members and with a special offer) which includes ski, helmet and boot hire.

By the end of the sessions we had gone from complete novices to feeling like we were ready to tackle the larger slope. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I’d definitely like to continue with lessons 3 & 4 very soon. For more information check out

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All music by Dean Read. Footage shot with a Google Pixel 2 XL and it was edited in iMovie.

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