Pennine Way 2019 – Day 14 – Bellingham to Byrness

Day 14 of the Pennine Way adventure was a spectacular walk from Bellingham to Byrness. I crossed boggy moorland and walked through pine plantations, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Fundraising for the mental health charity Mind –

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1 thought on “Pennine Way 2019 – Day 14 – Bellingham to Byrness

  1. Hi Dean,

    I have watched all of your You Tube videos of your 2019 Pennine Way Walk and I have mine all booked for this May.
    I wondered if I can contact you via e-mail ?
    I note that you are on Twitter but your website doesn’t show up your contact details….under contacts !
    I just wondered if i could ask you a few questions that’s all re your PW walk, pick your brains really.
    The videos were great and you are certainly good at recording your walks.
    Hope you can help and be in touch.
    I noted your comments on Stuart Greig’s 2010 PW walk.
    Cheers for now

    Dave Day


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