Scotland 2006 – Monty Python, John O’Groats & Ben Nevis

After 8 years i’ve finally decided to upload some footage from the Archive of a trip we did back in 2006. The video sees my friend Howie and I head to Scotland to seek out some Monty Python Holy Grail filming locations, we take a trip to John O’Groats and then walk up to the top of Ben Nevis. It was an amazing trip and that ascent of Ben Nevis was my first ‘proper’ walk that got me hooked, so I suppose you could say this is where it all began.. It’s great to look back at some of this old footage, it does seem like a life time ago now. I feel like a totally different person from the guy I was then, my life has changed for the better, I’ve lost some weight, although one thing remains the same…. i’m still an idiot 🙂

The footage shot while in the car was taken with a Logitech Webcam that was mounted the sun visor in my old Mitusbishi Galant, I took an old Compaq laptop with us so we could record the footage from the webcam and as you can imagine it wasn’t shot in HD. The royalty free music in this movie is a track called “Ride” by Adrian Von Ziegler. Check out his YouTube channel at

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