Pennine Way Trail Run / Walk – Part 1 – Edale to Crowden

In this video Stef and I begin our trail run / walk recce of the Pennine Way. Over the coming months we plan to tackle this amazing route in sections using public transport as much as possible. We have both entered the Montane Spine Challenger in 2022 so we are attempting to familiarise ourselves as much as possible with the southern half. This first part takes us from Edale to Crowden over Kinder Scout and Bleaklow.

Check out the route on Strava:

After getting the train from Dore Totley in Sheffield to Edale we made our way to the Old Nags Head, the southern terminus of the Pennine Way.

The first part of the Pennine Way takes you over to Jacob’s Ladder to begin the climb up on to Kinder Scout.

In no time at all you reach the trig point at Kinder Low and then make your way across to Kinder Downfall.

After descending from Kinder you cross Mill Hill and then tread the flagstone path to the Snake Road. From there it’s a direct line through Devils Dyke before the weaving begins criss crossing the stream to Bleaklow Head.

The run down from Bleaklow to Torside Clough is phenomenal. A nice fast and spungy section before the view opens up down to Longdendale. After a sharp and knee thrashing descent you arrive at the Longdendale Trail. We decided to finish our run at the Torside Reservoir Wall, we then walked to Hadfield to get the train back to Sheffield via Manchester. Part 2 of our recce coming soon.


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